Poster Guidelines

Size Limitations for Regular Posters: No larger than 47 inches high and 95 inches wide (120 cm high by 240 cm wide). This is the size of the poster board. Do not exceed the size of the poster board.

Suggestions for Formatting Your Poster
Poster Board Rendering
Poster Board Rendering
  • Format of poster is LANDSCAPE (horizontal).
  • Place heading in large‐sized type at the top of the board.
  • List the title and all authors. 
  • All material should be readable from distances of three feet or more.
  • You are strongly encouraged to use a type that is at least 3/8" high (22 pt. minimum).
  • Use bold type to ensure legibility.
  • Make all print very dark (preferably block style) on a very light (preferably white) background. Use letters, arrows, numbers, or other devices to show those who will be viewing your poster the preferred sequence in which your poster should be reviewed.
  • Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be similar to those you would use in making PowerPoint® slides.
  • If photographs are used, have them processed with a matte or dull finish.
  • Please clearly print one email address on your poster for attendees to refer to should they have any questions or comments at a time when you are not standing with your poster. If you do not wish to print your own email address, please list another email address for an appropriate contact person for your abstract.
  • Inclusion of Quick Response (QR) Codes: If you choose to include a Quick Response (QR) Code on your poster, you must also include the following disclaimer on both print and electronic versions of your poster: "Copies of this poster obtained through Quick Response (QR) Code are for personal use only and may not be reproduced without permission from ASCO® and the author of this poster." Written authorization is not required, unless your QR code links to the full text of your abstract, which would be considered a reprint. For questions, please email us.

  • Special Note on Use of Commercial Materials: ASCO is committed to minimizing commercial bias in poster presentations and handouts. Poster presentations and handouts should not contain any of the following: commercial logos, company names, brand or proprietary drug names. Cooperative groups, hospitals, and non-profit company logos are permitted.

Other Recommendations

  • The poster can either be made on one sheet (rollup) or in several small sections. Do NOT mount illustrations on heavy cardboard because they may be difficult to keep in position on the poster board.
  • Write your presentation concisely, and keep captions brief. The poster should be self‐explanatory so that you are free to supplement the information and discuss particular points raised by questions during the poster session.
  • The poster session potentially provides a more intimate forum for informal discussion than the regular presentations, but this becomes more difficult if you are obliged to devote most of your time to merely explaining your poster to a succession of visitors.
Printing Posters

In an effort to make your Meeting experience as seamless as possible, ASCO is pleased to provide a convenient, competitively priced  poster printing service, Call4Posters, that allows you to electronically submit your your poster for printing then pick it up on-site at the Meeting. No more worries about how to travel with your poster to the Annual Meeting.  Additionally, this poster printing service offers PowerPoint templates at no cost to help you build your poster, or you may upload your own single-page PowerPoint, image, or PDF poster file. 

To upload your poster and use the printing services, please have the first author log onto the Speaker Center Website, then click "My Presentations" and scroll down to "Order Printed Poster." Click the link to access the Call4Posters website and place your order. 

Poster Ordering Deadlines:
To avoid late fees, upload and confirm your order for your poster file by Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM Eastern timeFinal deadline is Wednesday, October 25, 2017, at 10:00 AM Eastern time (rush charges apply).

Call4Posters Customer Service: If you have any questions as you prepare your poster, Customer Support is available to help via email or phone at 1-866-759-5440 or 507-323-8500 from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM CT Monday-Friday.

Poster Printing Price List and FAQs

Onsite Poster Pick-Up Schedule:
An Onsite Poster Pick-up Schedule will be available in September 2017.

Uploading Poster to Meeting Videos

Meeting Videos is a great opportunity to share your study results with thousands of subscribers beyond those who attended the meeting. If you are planning to participate in the Palliative and Supportive Care in Oncology Symposium Meeting Videos, please be sure that you upload your poster by Saturday, October 28, 2017 through the Speaker Center website. To upload your poster, login to the Speaker Center website, click "My Presentations" along the left hand side, then select your abstract title. Scroll down to click the link "Upload poster to Meeting Videos" and upload a PDF file. Posters will appear on the Meeting Videos approximately 1 week after the symposium ends on Saturday, October 28, 2017.  

Onsite Poster Session Instructions
  • Each poster will be presented during two sessions taking place on the same date. The presenting author is required to be present during one of the two scheduled poster session times for the day.
  • Use Velcro is available onsite at each board.
  • You will NOT be allowed to use glue, tape, paint, or staples on the poster boards.
  • Handouts of your poster may be available for distribution if you prefer.
  • Do NOT display your poster or copies of your poster in the exhibit hall.
  • Remove your poster at the end of your scheduled session.
Poster Hanging and Removal Schedule:
  • Presenters should hang their poster approximately 30 minutes before their session begins and they should leave the poster up until the second poster session on that same day ends. 
  • A Poster Hanging Schedule will be updated here in September 2017.